Don’t Miss Out, Folks!

In today’s world of instant content and basically soooo many channels to consume it on, I felt it was important to remind everyone out there how you can keep up with us!

The blog is always going to be here… new content weekly around food, farm or self-care (who knows, I’ve recently become inspired to REALLY push myself into some new skills…) but here on the website is where you will see the longer, more detailed content from our chaotic but wonderful world.

Micro content, moments in our life and on our farm, as well as bloopers and extra FUN stuff gets posted DAILY (yes, daily!) and I would hate for you guys to miss out.

As I get ready to launch my new communication tools (think scheduled *special* content for followers and subscribers), I’ve been working hard at becoming more transparent in what we do here (of which, detailed blog posts are only a teensy, tiny bit!)

I’ve been posting a ton of informational videos (reels) and ‘lives’ and stories on our social media platforms that you WONT FIND HERE.

Follow us on Instagram HERE if you want the latest and greatest snippets of knowledge, glimpses of our Farm that you generally wont see here, and humor… LOTS of humor (as I’ve yet to master editing the bloopers out!)

Hope to see you all there!

(FYI: Carriemels is my handle on IG and I have yet to convert it to the Farm name. Just in case you don’t know – I actually make handcrafted, artisanal caramels and my name is Carrie … yep – Carriemels!)

Click to go to our Instagram Page!

The IG feed is always down at the bottom of our site, but following us on those platforms (FB too!) is the best way to never miss out on the happenings here at DBF!

Have a great day, everyone!


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