The Garden

Look for updates on the 2021 garden here once February rolls around. We do a mixture of seed starting in an indoor greenhouse as well as direct sowing once the raised beds are prepped.

This year we will also be adding some stacked log terraced beds along our upper lawn area for cut flowers, finally building out the outside greenhouse and making plans to regenerate the mini-orchard back to productivity (this is a BIG project though and may end up with its own blog as it will require research, partnerships, heavy equipment and resources.)

Going forward, the entries will be tagged, categorized and sorted to make the content more easily searchable for our readers.

I’ve already made the seed, bulb, root stock and corm orders, made several adjustments to the planting plan, and still haven’t decided how many cut flower beds to add (more, right? The answer is always MORE, RIGHT?)

“The more I garden the less I know, but the more pleasure I get from it.” – Monty Don

DBF’s Top 5 grows: #1 GARLIC

This is the first entry in our ‘Top 5 Grows’ series in which we hope to share some of our favorite produce that gets the best Use, Storage, Preservation AND UtIlity from a small scale garden here in New England (zone 5). Number 1 on our list is GARLIC. Honestly,…

Outdoor Grow Season Prep: Greenhouse Setup

As a passionate gardener, you aggressively search for ways to improve year over year. That feeling of growing your own, taking back some of that ownership of your food sources or flowers or even beauty products (from oils, salves, soaps…) to the possibilities of finding a new income source through…

Ready for Spring: 2021 edition

OK. I’m over ‘winter’ now. It’s March. I just bought two peach trees, it’s going to be 60 degrees for more than one day in a row this week and the snow should be gone in the next 5-10 days (we do have a small amount in the forecast, though…)…

Garden Prep: February Starts

As someone who lives solidly in zone 5 (5b to be exact), I feel like I NEVER get my seed starting done early enough. Which means I often would start TOO early without a proper plan. Part of this was definitely due to my previous career. I would work like…

Real Talk: Seed Starting

OOOH! It is 43 degrees outside. IN JANUARY! I don’t know about you, but for me once January 1st passes, a strange thing happens: the 15 day transformation of the house begins… taking it from a cozy, festive holiday haven to a 1. bright and airy space setup to drive…

And all of a sudden, it’s go time…

Winter. Winter. *hint of warm weather* Nope. WINTER. 80 degrees one day? Nope. Winter the next. This is our reality here in the world today… weird, nutty weather patterns that defy planning and hope and drive us all mad. For the person with a garden and small farm? OMG. We…


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