The Garden

Look for updates on the 2021 garden here once February rolls around. We do a mixture of seed starting in an indoor greenhouse as well as direct sowing once the raised beds are prepped.

This year we will also be adding some stacked log terraced beds along our upper lawn area for cut flowers, finally building out the outside greenhouse and making plans to regenerate the mini-orchard back to productivity (this is a BIG project though and may end up with its own blog as it will require research, partnerships, heavy equipment and resources.)

Going forward, the entries will be tagged, categorized and sorted to make the content more easily searchable for our readers.

I’ve already made the seed, bulb, root stock and corm orders, made several adjustments to the planting plan, and still haven’t decided how many cut flower beds to add (more, right? The answer is always MORE, RIGHT?)

“The more I garden the less I know, but the more pleasure I get from it.” – Monty Don

Strawberry Reaper Hot Sauce

HOT. But not SO hot you can’t enjoy it. Our household enjoys heat within our menus. It’s no surprise to most who follow our recipes here at DBF. Yes, hot sauces and chili peppers abound. And being gardeners? Well… Every year we grow a variety of super hots. Chili peppers…

Southern Style Tomato Pie

I blame my friend Beth. I’m addicted to this pie. And it’s her fault. Who knew that in the heart of Manhattan, a friend would make something in her apartment, serve at movie night and well, I would be making as many of them as possible every tomato season from…

Don’t Miss Out, Folks!

In today’s world of instant content and basically soooo many channels to consume it on, I felt it was important to remind everyone out there how you can keep up with us! The blog is always going to be here… new content weekly around food, farm or self-care (who knows,…

DBF’s Top 5 Grows: #4 BEANS (dry)

Bean beans, that magical fruit… … but enough fart jokes. There are many reasons that people grow certain crops in their personal gardens here in the United States. To be honest with ourselves, most backyard gardens are about the convenience of growing something you enjoy eating during the gardening season….


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