The Mission

Our wish is a simple one: to add to the sustainable living movement and community through the sharing of stories: successes and failures. We’re new to this, so be gentle with your expectations.  Expect a rawness to our stories that hopefully lends to the realness of what it means to try to make something better for yourself and those you care about.

Once residents of NYC, we now find ourselves on just under 3 acres of land, with a small flock, a great garden, aging orchard and TONS of hopes and dreams of building it up to something more and more each year.

As we have grown into our home and homestead over the last few years, it has helped us hone the things we love to do, the stories we love to share and the content we hope to provide… as inspiration, self-reflection or even just plain entertainment for you. Also, as new parents, we also see it as a way to craft not only a great life for our family, but a means to teach skills that aren’t often taught in a classroom.

Our passions run deep, and hobbies are numerous but with that being said, we hope to maintain content around 3 consistent themes within our lives these days:  

1. ReClaiming & Building your Home & Lifestyle

2. Food & Drink as Sustenance & Challenge

3. Steps towards Sustainability (increasing your personal ownership around your home.)

Our motto? Mindful Food, Gardening and Life. And we hope to show how by approaching your home from a place of mindfulness with a growth mindset, you can enrich your life, build your skill set and share MORE with those you love.

Whether through a love of food and creating amazing things to share with family and friends, or a desire to take back some food supply ownership within a small garden, to growing your own cut flowers to brighten your home and day (or someone else’s)… to simply reclaiming parts of your home through a classic, cathartic purge: we will take you on our journey to do the same.

Don’t be shy either, let us know how we can do better!

Interested in providing content? We will be adding guest entries about everything from raising chickens in an urban environment, to rooftop gardening, to home brewing, to crafting products at home that add value to your life.