A place to record all of our variants on recipes we have been inspired to try at home.  Many MANY chefs’ influence can be found here and wherever possible I will give credit where credit is definitely due!

A word of caution however, I am notorious for not fully following recipes and adapting to suit our own needs. If you are one of the aforementioned inspirers, please do not take offense! Most adaptations are based on garden harvest or proteins available in the freezer (or sometimes we just like things our own way!)

There’s lots of good things to make out there… let’s get at it.

Lucky Us: Irish Bangers with Colcannon and Guinness Gravy

It must be a byproduct of aging, but I have both gotten less ‘trendy’ and tried to be more ‘authentic’ as I’ve grown. This goes for my wardrobe (team sweatpants/leggings and Carhartt over here), my drink and my foods. Don’t judge on my daughter’s shamrock and rainbow outfit on St….

Waste Not: Quickie Spinach Mushroom Quiche

Half a tub of mushrooms left in that fridge? Check. Spinach in there, too (or in the freezer?) Check. MASSIVELY INCREASED EGG PRODUCTION? CHECK. OMG CHECK. Going from an egg or two every other day to 5-6 eggs a day once the days stretch out a bit is… alarming sometimes….

Hark! Spring knocks… Are you listening?

Man, we love birds here on the Farm. Like LOVE them. Love love love them. So it was just natural, when the temps hit 64 degrees and the birds were singing…. to make some Robin’s Egg Macarons. Totally natural decision. Ugh, they are so good (and pretty!) Robin’s Egg Macarons…

Thanksgiving TPP (Turkey Pot Pie)

One thing I love, is how many places there are out there online to get amazing inspiration for food, drink and celebrations. My issue? Too often the recipe is at the end of a super long story from the author. Not that I don’t appreciate the story, no not that…

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