A place to record all of our variants on recipes we have been inspired to try at home.  Many MANY chefs’ influence can be found here and wherever possible I will give credit where credit is definitely due!

A word of caution however, I am notorious for not fully following recipes and adapting to suit our own needs. If you are one of the aforementioned inspirers, please do not take offense! Most adaptations are based on garden harvest or proteins available in the freezer (or sometimes we just like things our own way!)

There’s lots of good things to make out there… let’s get at it.

Soup Must Haves: 5 Homemade Soups for Fall

We are BIG fans of easy, multi-meal dishes around this house. Soups from scratch (or very nearly from scratch) fill that role quite nicely…. all while giving me the joy of creating delicious food from clean, fresh ingredients and whole foods. I usually release one or two recipes a week,…

Lasagna Soup : The ULTIMATE comfort meal

Red Sauce. Pasta that holds the sauce like it should. Meat. Cheese… mmmm. THREE kinds of cheese. Spice and a slight heat…. Not in a big pan…. but in a pot. Easily freezable, easily can-able… easily CRUSHABLE (honestly, we never have it in the fridge more than a few days……

Strawberry Reaper Hot Sauce

HOT. But not SO hot you can’t enjoy it. Our household enjoys heat within our menus. It’s no surprise to most who follow our recipes here at DBF. Yes, hot sauces and chili peppers abound. And being gardeners? Well… Every year we grow a variety of super hots. Chili peppers…

Southern Style Tomato Pie

I blame my friend Beth. I’m addicted to this pie. And it’s her fault. Who knew that in the heart of Manhattan, a friend would make something in her apartment, serve at movie night and well, I would be making as many of them as possible every tomato season from…

Walnut Parsley Pasta Filling

Sometimes one of the most unexpected meals becomes a favorite memory. I still remember the first time I had ravioli with a walnut filling. It was in Manhattan, many years ago (I think it was in 2005?) and I was SHOCKED at the simplicity and richness of the meatless dish…

Small Batch Fresh Tomato Sauce

Many of you might not have tried to make from scratch, fresh sauce. That’s ok! If I were to take a stab at guessing why – it’s probably due to the recipes out there looking WAY more complicated than they need to be. 25 POUNDS of tomatoes? Peeling and deseeding…

Quick & Easy Pizza Sauce

If you like pizza you know that the sauce can make or break it. I like a bright sauce, with a good garlic kick and enough oil to it to hold up after a quick, high temp bake. Pizza that gets it all right has the perfect balance of acidity,…

Thanksgiving TPP (Turkey Pot Pie)

One thing I love, is how many places there are out there online to get amazing inspiration for food, drink and celebrations. My issue? Too often the recipe is at the end of a super long story from the author. Not that I don’t appreciate the story, no not that…

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