A place to record all of our variants on recipes we have been inspired to try at home.  Many MANY chefs’ influence can be found here and wherever possible I will give credit where credit is definitely due!

A word of caution however, I am notorious for not fully following recipes and adapting to suit our own needs. If you are one of the aforementioned inspirers, please do not take offense! Most adaptations are based on garden harvest or proteins available in the freezer (or sometimes we just like things our own way!)

There’s lots of good things to make out there… let’s get at it.

Homemade Chili Oil with Garlic

If you like condiments, this one needs to be on your MUST MAKE list. As most of you now know, I love growing garlic and growing hot peppers. (I mean they’re in our Top 5 Crops to Grow list nearly every year!) One way to make sure you don’t waste…

Don’t Miss Out, Folks!

In today’s world of instant content and basically soooo many channels to consume it on, I felt it was important to remind everyone out there how you can keep up with us! The blog is always going to be here… new content weekly around food, farm or self-care (who knows,…

DBF’s Top 5 Grows: #5 HOT PEPPERS

Some like it hot. Some like it REAL hot. My husband is one of those who likes to basically scald his entire digestive system. Me? I like hot, but not ‘wow, I’m eating a supernova’ hot. We started our journey into growing hots when we first moved to NH. We…

Lemony Garlic Scape and Arugula Pesto

Now, while technically ALL pestos are sauces… some are thicker and more dense than others. This is not that pesto. LOL. This pesto is something that you want to put on EV-ER-Y-THING. And when I say all, I mean it. All jokes aside, this might be my favorite garlic scape…

Simple Garlic Scape Pesto

The FIRST recipe coming from our #1 DBF Top 5 Grows list is this basic pesto using garlic scapes versus basil. (Two more scape pesto recipes coming: one with arugula and a spicy version with spinach!) Now, that’s not to say you can’t throw a little basil in there… but…

Simple Summer Corn Salad (and some nerdery, too)

If you love corn, you’re gonna memorize this salad because you will want to make it… year round. Oh yes, yummy and healthy and dang it – incredibly easy. (And as always with our recipes, VERY adaptable/adjustable!) Super simple, 7 ingredients (including dressing)… and if you garden, most of the…

WASTE NOT: Mushroom, Cabbage & Shrimp Dumplings

No one likes wasting food. Spending cash on something you needed at the store, but you don’t use ALL of? Well, that stuff just sits in the fridge, takes up space and ends up 1. rotting, 2. gets pushed to the back and takes up space for NO good reason…

Basic Macaron Shell (Italian Method)

For years, I dreaded trying to make French Macarons at home. The instructions were complicated. The ingredients EXPENSIVE. There were so many “if you do THIS, they will be horrible” caveats in the posts that I over-hyped the difficulty and under-anticipated that even poorly executed macs are DELICIOUS. And the…

Thanksgiving TPP (Turkey Pot Pie)

One thing I love, is how many places there are out there online to get amazing inspiration for food, drink and celebrations. My issue? Too often the recipe is at the end of a super long story from the author. Not that I don’t appreciate the story, no not that…

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