NEW CONTENT ALERT! Take 5: Mindful Minutes overview

With such an overarching site, and so many topics that seem to fly at our readers, I have decided to add a weekly post that helps unite the work in the kitchen, around the Farm, home and gardens to our linking theme: BEING MINDFUL in our work towards a fulfilling and happy life.

Look for the Take 5: MM Category to pop up, allowing you to filter straight to our mindfulness posts.

Several other of our reoccurring themes (Macaron Challenge, Waste Not, as examples) will also have their own categories created and be available to help you filter straight them as well!

Take 5: MM is going to be a space where we explore different mindfulness techniques, resources as well as some practical applications in your day to day life. It will be a weekly post and I hope it becomes a space also for more interaction from our readers and followers. 🙂

The beauty of committing to be more mindful in your daily life, is that it does not require you to schedule anything, block off time, switch around your plans for your practice… it truly is an approach to your day that allows you to be more present, intentional and reflective. It blends some self-care into your routine… even if you are folding laundry as you are doing it.

I’m excited to layer this type of content into our site, as while the mindfulness aspect is usually layered into each of my topics, sometimes it can be lost due to the post primarily being about a recipe, a Farm project or gardening updates.

Don’t worry! They’re still be plenty of recipes, gardening guidance and info, chick and farm updates. This IS a working property after all with lots to do (*ahem* gross understatement, folks LOL), lots to make/repair and lots to eat!

I hope that a dedicated category of content to help weave each of the other topics together into some learnings and applications of daily mindfulness will be both a tool and inspiration to some out there.

I end with a few questions for you all:

I am very excited to start this, as since leaving my previous employment and jumping headfirst into my passions, I have learned JUST how important being mindful is. It is something that I, shockingly, did not incorporate into my life until now and quite frankly, I now see just how UNINTENTIONAL I was a lot that time and how much ‘work’ was the source of stresses I glossed over. As a mom, I don’t have ANY time or patience for that way of life anymore. I NEED my mindful moments, to keep myself the best I can be for myself, my family and my goals.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above answer and feel free to make suggestions in the comments below!

I am hoping to launch this new category of content in June.


Here’s to a more mindful future!


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  1. mojourner says:

    For some reason, perhaps incorrectly, I imagine that being out in nature gives one far more opportunity to be mindful or more “in the moment” than in an urban environment. Curious to know what you think? Looking forward to your new feature.


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