New Podcast Alert: Ep. 1 – Defining Homesteading and It’s Core Principles

Bringing Homesteading Home uploaded it’s first FULL episode last week!

You can listen to it HERE and navigate to many different podcast platforms, or listen through Apple Podcasts HERE.

In the episode, we dig into the traditional and modern definitions of the concept of Homesteading, as well as identify 5 core principles and tenets that are great foundations of knowledge when deciding what your goals are and understanding how you can bring those goals to fruition. We do not explore practical application of these principles in this episode, but identify and define them as a starting point for anyone looking to step into the homesteading world.

The next episode will dig deeper into the American Homesteading Act of 1862 to give deeper understanding of the history of homesteading in America, it’s global history as well as how those histories have evolved into modern homesteading today.

Give a listen, let me know your thoughts!

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