Soup Must Haves: 5 Homemade Soups for Fall

We are BIG fans of easy, multi-meal dishes around this house. Soups from scratch (or very nearly from scratch) fill that role quite nicely…. all while giving me the joy of creating delicious food from clean, fresh ingredients and whole foods.

I usually release one or two recipes a week, but with the quick change in the weather around these parts, I’ve found that I have been making soup A -LOT over the last two weeks. So WHAT THE HECK – How about 5 at once?

I’m often asked what my favorite soup recipes are, and honestly, it is often hard to answer. I love so many kinds and types and styles of soup. You name it, I probably enjoy it.

This is a quick collection of my 5 favorites from 2021 :

Each soup has its own linked recipe, but below, you will find a quick description, including timeframes for making, any special ingredients (not really) and a link to how to can/make shelf stable.

As I am actually going to make these 5 soups this week, I will be pressure canning some of them for the winter months, as I don’t think our house can eat 5 FULL batches of soup in the timeframe I need to publish this! BUT WHO KNOWS….. It might be a challenge we accept! LOL

UPDATE: Yeah, I didn’t can any of them because they were so good the household wanted to eat them all!

Italian Sausage and White Bean

This one is a hearty meal. It is a creamy, thick soup but has no dairy… which I LOVE. It also can be made a few different ways… very thick by blending the whole soup (minus the sausage, obviously) or very rustic by rough chopping and leaving more broth and bean. However you make it, this one is a favorite Italian based recipe for us!

Lemony Ginger Chicken and Short Noodle Soup

Who doesn’t love a good chicken noodle soup as soon as the cold weather (and cold season) creep up on us? This one is packed with ginger, garlic, lemon and chicken… while any sort of noodle or pasta will work, I particularly love a short noodle. Better than Chicken Noodle O’s, these ditallini are just big enough to hold broth and all that cold-busting goodness in each bite!

Savory Beef Stew

I have RARELY made beef soups. Why? WTF knows. LOL and honestly after making and eating this soup?? WHY HAVE I NEVER REALLY MADE A PROPER, BRAISED BEEF STEW?!?! This might have been the best soup of the week for me personally. Rich, thick, meaty… this is definitely a ‘stick to your ribs’ meal. Paired with some great fresh baked bread and wine? *chef’s kiss*

Spicy Pumpkin Ramen

Thai flavor forward with lots of ginger, lime, cilantro and curry… I adore this soup. While it can be made fully veggie, I love it with chicken and as I have learned, chicken thighs bring the extra yum with their tender bites of protein versus a more stringy white breast meat. Keep it with meat protein or make if fully veggie… you won’t want to skip this one!

Lasagna Soup

This is a sausage and pasta based tomato soup. It is thick. It has layers. It has multiple toppings. It. Is. AWESOME. Full disclosure: it does turn more into great pasta leftovers if you cook the pasta with the soup, so if you want to not have that happen (looks around and whispers) shhhhh, make the pasta separately, y’all.

Have fun.

Stay healthy.

And eat well, friends!


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