Ready for Spring: 2021 edition


I’m over ‘winter’ now. It’s March.

I just bought two peach trees, it’s going to be 60 degrees for more than one day in a row this week and the snow should be gone in the next 5-10 days (we do have a small amount in the forecast, though…)

With my newfound SAHM-hood, I am just so eager to get outside, get the property cleaned up and start on all the projects that I’ve dreamed up for the last few years!

My dog is antsy and hates being inside now. My kiddo lives for Sunday when we go on our family hikes. My hubby…? Let’s just say the fish better be ready when he plans out his trips starting mid March LOL

Here is the agenda for my Kick-off to Spring (over the 5 days before daylight savings time… EEEK!)

Tues: quick recipe create/shoot/edit then post in the am, finish cleaning any holiday leftovers that were unable to be removed outside due to weather (barn outdoor lights, wreaths, timers, etc), walk to determine trimming to be done this week, prep indoor greenhouse for plants transitioning to new locations (to create space for the veggie starts this month), assess overwintered roses, figs, dwarf citrus to be fertilized and sprayed/organically treated for any overwinter pests, toss olive trees (sigh, I’m mad about this, but the one I added to our sunroom last year actually came with pests and they spread to EVERY TREE in there this winter. Sorry…I will start over olives at some point…)

Wed: recipe test/shoot/prep publish in the AM, trim lilacs, rose of sharons and butterfly bushes in PM, coursework and Etsy/product review if time allows.

Thurs: repair hop trellis from wind damage, plant veggies into 72 cell tray, plant tomatoes into 12 cell tray, pot up papavers/anemones, gather/plan out planting/prop/growout station build for next week, coursework and Etsy/product review if time allows.

Friday: post food post in AM, if beds open and thawed, clear up any hoop/trellis/plant debris from overwintering, prep lower paddock bed for calendula/herb plant out (thyme, lavender, comfrey, oregano for the ladies… with some marigold thrown in there for good measure), measure and rough sketch the outdoor greenhouse install, list materials still needed to level and set onto it’s new home, walk and measure out drop log beds and top of hill/Eloise garden in the PM.

I also have those two new peach trees I bought. We’ve been devastated that the two that were in our orchard only gave us two seasons of fruit then up and died! So bummed, but there were two very bad false spring/hard freezes in those years (70 degrees in Feb then -10 for a straight week in early Mar) as well as wind damage which I don’t believe they could recover from…) so, I bought two new young trees as they were super cheap at TSC. Got to get them into containers and start prepping them for the growing season.

Red Haven Peaches … we will have in container for the first year or so until we are able to clear space for them.

In between all that, laundry. And the ReClaiming house projects inside. Oh and finishing the bathroom remodel (just a bit of flooring left to lay…) I have SO much to donate after a few months of reviewing and creating a purge pile (it’s piles, who are we kidding…)

Not much happening at ALL.


I love it.

What are you excited to get working on as the season changes?


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  1. carolee says:

    Sounds like a very busy week. Hope the weather cooperates for you. Best of luck in the coming season.


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