Reclaiming: The process of resetting your perspective

My amazing husband fly fishing on our local lake

SO week 2 down and what I have accomplished is:

1. Caring for sick baby who could not go to daycare

2. Injuring my recurring lower back issue from 8 years ago

3. Starting 1 load of laundry?

4. Writing down everything that needs to be done before Thanksgiving

5. Thanksgiving

6. Tree? SO much more to do…

7. Listing everything I would love to get done between now and the next income source.


The little things DO matter, and sometimes I forget that – little actions can add up to big accomplishments. How can I reclaim this space in my brain that just says, constantly, it’s not good enough? It’s not ENOUGH, enough… ??

I suppose coming at home life from the mindset and perspective that I have had in my professional career, eliminates the humanity and fluidity of what it means to be a stay at home mama. Not the healthiest way to approach honestly, and maybe I never saw it (if this is how I approached it before) because the time at home was limited and usually completely planned out and downtime just doesn’t happen anymore with a baby… Eeesh, is this why I always felt behind?

OK. Yeah, THAT has to change.

SO, let’s rethink that list:

1. I helped my baby through a nasty virus that made her miserable by being present, loving and caring with her Dada. We made her feel loved, safe and made sure she was fed, warm and snuggled appropriately so her tiny body could heal and get back to 100%. I baked her a birthday cake, and she destroyed it and we laughed and laughed and she loved her presents.

2. Realized that the lack of my own self care and body work has allowed this lower back thing to rear it’s head at the MOST inopportune time and I definitely cannot keep having it happen.

3. Ugh, laundry. I mean, yeah… LAUNDRY. Donations are now much higher on my list.

4. I have a clear game plan to accomplish a Thanksgiving that we have not been able to enjoy for YEARS. Listing things that can be prepped ahead of time will give me more time with my family so we can enjoy the day together.

5. WIN! Might have been the best tasting and easiest to prepare yet!

6. OMG. Our tree is amazing and taking TIME to decorate it bit by bit with Eloise is going to be such a JOY. The rest will come together while she is back at daycare.

7. Welp, strategizing short term gains on the road to big change all starts with a list (I think…… right?)

Ok….. that’s better.

Back is about 85%… *sips tea and puts on shitty movie #2 as the turkey stock finishes*

*adjusts heating pad*

Yup. This week, I approach with this new perspective:

-It IS enough.

-See the REAL impact, not just the result (or my intent)

-Each small win is a step towards the goal (or goals).


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