Seasonal Transitions: Being present while planning ahead

It’s that time of year again – do I still love Winter? Am I ready for Spring? The answer in March, without fail, is NO (to both questions.) Fresh off the high of ordering an UNGODLY amount of seeds and the new chickens that will be added to our flock this April, March is that weird month that always makes me doubt myself.

It also happens to be the time at my job that is filled with the uncontrollable changes to the organization, that often mean an impact on my work and lots and lots of work related stress.

YAY! RIGHT!?! It would seem to be the PERFECT time to jump into planning and dreaming of what really fuels my creativity: the next growing season’s garden! *insert wompwomp sound here*

The above 3 paragraphs were written March of 2019. As my husband and I started our journey towards building our family through adoption. Before we had our first Home Study visit. Before we matched with an incredibly strong young woman and her family. Before we held our daughter. Before Covid. Before the economy ’round here (read: US of A) showed us all in GLARING terms, just how unprepared we (read: our elected leadership) were to handle 1. a new virus, 2. a complete halt in our supply chain, 3. an employment event that impacted probably 90% of our population (initially) and an unimaginable number of people still….

It was a ‘me’ who was ‘before’ a lot of what I am today.

I decided though, that I’m still in this point of transition however, now it is so much bigger. Bigger than just me, bigger than just the garden.

It is time for me to get back to this page. Just like this page, the Farm needs more of me and my love too…. Time to begin to plan for a lot of things (again, more than just the garden…)

DBF’s page might change a bit. Might become broader, more all encompassing, more… I dunno… like what a bunch of us feel like we have to deal with every day?

Yes, there will be Farm posts. LOL. It is my therapy after all…

Just know that in my quest to be the best Mom I can, my humble lil hope to raise food for us, grow beautiful blooms for our home (and maybe others’) as well as explore as much as the country as our lil camper and vehicles (and hopefully jobs?) will let us… I will work hard to it document here as well.

SO. Yes, I am sure I will be about to order chickens for next year, an unIMAGINBLE amount of seeds as well as needing to plan for prepping the house for a extremely mobile child. But… for now, I am enjoying our camps, the time I get to spend with E, the wins I have in our meager garden… (yeah, I was not trying to be a garden hero this year with a newborn LOL) and working my brain to find a different way through to my goals 🙂


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