The Journey Begins

And so it starts: a compiling of stories, recipes, life lessons, trials and errors that hopefully  document, entertain and inspire. We will eventually have products available through the site, Q&A forums and other ‘follow our adventure’ options soon, but for now: stories.

We strive to give you content that is relevant to those of you both near and far (seriously, you don’t need land to garden…you don’t need even to be in the country to control certain aspects of your food supply, and a lot of us can make essential products that reduce the time spent running needless errands, you know: time wasted.)

Look for blog entries about our lives, gardening plans and progress, recipes to use the harvest as well as what might be left in the fridge, crafted products and hopefully much, much more.

Most likely it will be a winding journey, with us learning along the way from the successes and failures that are always present when striking out on a new venture so we hope you have some good shoes, muck boots HIGHLY recommended. Hey, getting lost on the way to something awesome can be a good thing (we ignore the GPS frequently around here…)

The DBF road to a more sustainable life starts NOW.

Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life. — John Muir



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